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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I don't want to!! #2

Thats how I feel about this whole situation is I DON"T WANT TO!!! When I first met him, I'm not going to lie was I just entertaining myself with him. He was the most quiet of the group and the cutest too so I kicked a little game to him and gave him my number. I never thought twice about him at all he said two many strikes against him #1 being lived to far away and #2 he was short :( Shallow!! Bitch, I might be but I'm kind of tall I like to keep a tall piece on my arm so when I have heels on I don't look like Geoffrey the Giraffe. A couple phone calls where exchanged before he headed back home and I thought i closed that chapter and moved on but I was wrong.

I don't know what boo did to me but I don't want it. I had promised myself a couple months ago after all this drama with Bird that I wasn't going back that road no more. He definitely switched the game up on a your girl!! He is the opposite of everything I go for the complete opposite. And when I first handed him my number i didn't think we would be right here right now. I talk to him almost everyday and its always something to talk about. he respects my asshole-ness(yeah i made that up..judge me) my over opinionated mouth along with a list of other things. He is so much more calmer than me and doesn't let to much bother him.....Which I hate at times but I guess I needed that in my life... Every time I push him to the left he finds way to make his way back to the right *sigh* As much I try and and fight him off he find his way back. He doesn't do anything out of the normal, doesn"t go to great lengths to catch my attention he just is who he is! I'm so use to some of the men in life trying there hardest to catch me or impress me that I never really notice or if I do I take advantage of that..sorry? He threw a monkey wrench in all that i had going on. I miss him when we don't talk or find myself talking about him alot! and for me to talk about a dude who is not dicking me down proper alot is something special. He even came probably an hour or so out of his way to visit me at the beach!! awwwww....it made me little heart melt.

I don't want to.......feel like this for him at all. Its against all that i stand for and I like but I DON"T WANT TO!!!


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

that must be a DC thing, cause you sound just like my chick. she aint wanna do the short or long distance thing. all she keeps saying is, "this is different than EVERYONE relationship i've ever been in". we talk everyday. she never notices everything i do as extra ordirnary but always thinks i'm the complete opposite of her & all the dudes she's talked to. but for some odd reason she still wants to be with me.

sometimes i scratch my head, because after hear her gripe like you, i wonder too why she's with me. but deep down i know she knows that if she lets me go...she'll probably be letting go one of the best things that's come around all because she's scared of something new..

what am i saying? stop be "skurred". let go and let love. lol

Krissy said...

Tell em U.P.N( the negro network? I didn't noticed that until now lmao)!Anyways, I know a lot of chicks who are afraid to step out of their comfort zone and end up missing out. You never know, it might be the best thing that ever happened to you. And if it ends, at least you weren't afraid to try.

I've done it plenty of times, with no regrets.

jazzyjaz said...

This sums up how I feel right now about a special someone in my life. I'm trying my hardest not to like him but I can't help it! its not my type my steelo or any of those things but he has but a move on me that i can't get rid of..*whispers* and I like it!