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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Remeber Me #8

When I saw his name flash across my caller id I rolled my eyes but the curious part of me decided to answer the phone. Oh Phillay I haven't talked to you on months probably not since hell maybe late December early January. He had to be laid to rest even though he had what i wanted in a future anything he still was thinking like an horny teenage boy and I'm far past that.

I closed my eyes soon as he said hello not because I was taking in his raspy voice but because I knew i had a made an mistake. Of course he hit me the small talk...The Who, what, when , and how everything in my life has been going and being the jerk I am gave him the simple answer didn't want to give him to much of an conversation piece. the chit chatting last for awhile..I asked him a thousand questions and and in return he returned the favor soon I got bored with him was getting ready to end this little catch piece when he said..."I'm going to be in Dc this weekend maybe we should go out and do something" *side eye* Do you mean like a date...yeah so I'll pass on that one and keep it moving the first and only date we ever had phillay thought that was one of the hood rats he usually entertains in PA and I was suppose to give up the coo coo quick fast and in a hurry...*pause* and that didn't happen and now you have labeled yourself as one of those...that dude who ain't never had a respectable girl and doesn't know what to do with them dude. I declined very quickly...I guess to fast for him because he wanted to know why...hmmmm..I thought about lying and telling him I'm going out of town or that Epitome was going to be here or that I got a boyfriend but hey what for?! the truth will set you free right....So i was honest its not a good idea because we certainly have nothing at all to really talk about. I ended this whole fiasco because it was going nowhere. Clearly we are on two different pages and frankly i don't have the time or patience for you to catch or rather i slow down and wait for you." I'm sure in his head he called me all kind of bugie bitches but hey the truth hurts sometimes. Phillay never really reacted off of what i said he just ended our promptly

LOL...Sorry Phillay better luck next time...and not with me.

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