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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 12

A typical day for me varies on the day of the week. Ok Monday –Friday I get up at between 5:45 -6am, I brush my teeth, do hair and eat breakfast. Now that plan changes if it Saturday now I don’t get out of bed until like 11am. I head off to work around 7:10am to be to work, now depending on the day depends on how busy I am. I spend a lot of time at work being everybody’s everything, I work with nothing but men and they can be very needy and demanding of attention and they usually want it all at the same time. Any whooooo…I got to lunch at 1:30pm come back about 2pm and jump right back into work because there is usually some type of confusion especially when I’m gone for more than 30 minutes. My days are long days I work 9 to 10 hours daily; I leave work around 5pm ish and sit in traffic for about 45minutes and then it home. I lay around for an hour and then depending on my mood I will hit the gym. If the gym is the choice I spend 45 mins there and back home to eat, shower and catch a show or two. I try to get into bed around 10 but usually don’t fall asleep until well into the night. And then my alarms goes off and I’m back at it again.

Now if it’s the weekend my days go totally different, I usually have plan for those days…I wake up and wing it. Maybe hit a bar or two Saturday night. Sundays are dedicated to school work….. and that is usually the day I go to brunch with one closest male friends.

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