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Friday, April 13, 2012

I supported Deisgns by CelestialNails

Last night I attended RAW natural born artist! It was my first time attending the event, it was very interesting a lot of local talent ranging from Photography to Nail Art!!!! Yesssss, Nail Art was there and it was presented by my nail tech/friend Celeste Hampton!!!!! It made me very happy to see her in her element! A room full of naturally born Artist!!!!!!! Oh how I love that girl!! Her booth was very popular much popular than what I thought it would, not because I don’t have faith in her talent but because I wasn’t sure how people take to these “fancy” nails! But like a proud parent I watched on as people came to touch, ask questions and just take in her all her talent. I’m extremely proud of her and thank all the nail gods in world for dropping her in the DMV, most importantly thank our friendship because of her talent it has opened my eyes and mind to awhole another artistic world. Now I don’t have not 1 creative…artistic…creative…or whatever it takes bone in my body but being a friend of hers definitely has improved my love for all things art!!!!

Check out the couple of snaps I caught of her in action…..

 and the finished product....

Make sure yall check her out

 and her etsy store

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