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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 3 Parents

It’s kinda hard to explain my relationship with my parents,I share completely different relationship with them.  Of course if you don’t already know my mother and I don’t get along at all..AT ALL.  She leaves out of family functions and celebration, so we don’t reallt talk about anything really, unless its mother related.  Like, I need to know how to stop my nose from bleeding or I have a cleaning question.  She knows nothing about my personal life and I can’t even remember the last time we hugged or kissed each other.  She kind of treats me like the evil step child, which didn’t become so noticeable until I hit my 20’s. Now my father and I speak often about a lot of things, he knows a lot about me and my personal life.  We have dinner together once a week and watch The Big Bang theory often.  He didn’t become this kind of person until my niece was born almost 4 years ago… We girl talk all the time and we share gossip with each other….lol..I jump into his bed and we just watch Aminal planet together, although he can be a complete  asshole from time to time we share a good relationship.  He has tried his best to get my mother to interact with me more but….

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